Huge Catch.

Last night we were there for the capture of a WOJ Capital Murder Suspect.

His name is Cameron Pitre.

Pitre was wanted for shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Hardy.

Hardy was supposed to meet her sisters at church and never showed up.

Pitre was wrangled by the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force after he appeared on the Wheel of Justice.

You’ll note that Pitre wasn’t real happy to see us.

See the full story… on our Wheel of Justice main page under Caught videos: Cameron Pitre

Pitre has been arrested and charged not convicted of this crime.


3 Responses

  1. Joel Eisenbaum,

    You are a very daring invidual. I admire your bold moves, as well as Brandon’s. Stay safe, WOJ dudes!

  2. Laurel Ann,
    Thanks for your post and thanks for watching the Wheel of Justice. We always try to stay safe.

  3. glad they caught him, another idiot off our streets

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