Houston Rockets Red Blazer

… for the ultimate Houston Rockets fan…

the Houston Rockets Red Blazer … as worn by both Shane Battier… Aaron Brooks… and now KPRC Local 2’s Joel Eisenbaum.

I wore this sucker on the morning show today (borrowed) … $275 @ Rockets Store.  (Anthony Yanez and Lauren Freeman sported it too… efforting those pics.)



7 Responses

  1. Wearing that bright red jacket, you look like someone who should be playing Vegas. Not the slot machines, but you know, a little singing, and tap dancing on stage.

  2. Love the jacket! Red’s your color. Thinking about picking up one myself! GAME 7 IS SHOW TIME!

  3. Lookin’ mighty hot in that color, JE! I was going to suggest the red-eye reduction mode on your camera, but in this case, your pupils look smashing with the jacket!!! 🙂

    • Laurie… thanks. As usual, you are right on the money!

    • Couldn’t techno wiz and fellow Hooter’s stake-er-outer, Brandon, help you with that setting? 🙂

  4. Ya know…no one ever mentioned your resemblance to Captain Kangaroo – minus the blonde bangs and mustache. Would that make Brandon Mr. Greenjeans? 🙂

  5. it is quite fun to play on slot machines specially if you win a lot ::

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