Massive Fugitive Manhunt…

Wheel of Justice Special Report: Thursday & Friday at 10pm on KPRC Local 2

This exciting promo is brought to you by KPRC Local 2’s Glorianne Quintero.


5 Responses

  1. Always enjoy seeing a WOJ/Joel Eisenbaum promo. At least in my opinion, the guy can’t get enough face time. 🙂

    • This is one smart lady.

  2. Graduated “cum laude”, my friend. Wait…did I spell that right? Ha, ha.

    Hey – technically, LC doesn’t define me as male or female. How did you ever know I was one smart lady? Dang! Now I know why you’re the Chief Investigative Wheel Dude!

  3. It infuriates me what people want to call “JUSTICE”. US Mrshalls swarm a vehicle with an innocent woman and her 5 year old son inside, and point guns to the womans’ head with her son watching….and restrains her (who was not involved in the situation at all) all based on the frivalous accusations of a psychotic ex wife. So now, an innocent man sits in the Harris County Jail, every month, having his case postponed and a ridiculous bond set, which cant be reduced because he doesnt even get to see the judge. But what the hell, it was “tax payers money” that paid for Operation Falcon, and it’s tax money keeping him in jail…for what? The number of lawsuits that can arise from just this ONE case will make headlines- -but I guess that’s what you consider “justice”.

    • Steph…
      Your comments are noted.

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