Patricia Deleon Recovery Fund


 Patricia Deleon prior to the fire that burned 70% of her body.

This summer, Patricia DeLeon was in the news.

Police say her ex-boyfriend set her on fire and left her to die.

She survived but she now needs a lot of help.

If you can donate please drop-by any First Community Credit Union (locations here)

Patricia DeLeon Fund

Account # 2140490

The money will be used to aid in Patricia’s rehabilitation.


3 Responses

  1. Patti was our nanny for two years and is an incredibly good-hearted woman. I am amazed at her strength to survive and keep her in my prayers. I hope and pray that those who know of her story will donate to the fund. Thanks.

  2. What an incredibly moving story. I hope your coverage of this leads to the apprehension of the sick man who did this to her. May God continue to watch over Patricia and her children. She’s a very strong woman to have survived this ordeal…

  3. MY condolence to her i knew both of them from the clubs well i knew him more than here but i feel so bad for what happened i would realy realy like to speak to her im trying my best if there is any way to get my information to her

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