Food… perhaps too much food.

I don’t drink much.

My wife tells me I’m unpleasant when I do.

Still, I couldn’t resist a recent invitation to Judge the Third Annual “One Pot Showdown” at the (new location) St. Arnold’s Brewery in Houston.

In fact the get-together has a lot more to do with food than drink.

Anyway, let’s not make this blog entry a federal case… I was a judge in the food competition… along with my wife. Other more skilled judges included Doak Procter, Jake Rainey, Chris Shepherd… and Katharine Shilcutt (of the Houston Press… here’s her article)

Doak is a certified beer expert and a lawyer. Jake is general manager of the Flying Saucer.  Chris is owner of Catalan on Washington.

We tasted a lot of different stuff that day… most of it heavy, involving sausage and varying degrees of beer. Most of it was pretty good… although you might get a different opinion from the real experts who judged with us.

When it all came down to it… actually the winner was a cheesy soup, made with root beer. We all liked it best. Congrats to Team “One Man & A Monkey” (they came in last, last year says Shilcutt. What a come back!)

Anywho, good time…


One Response

  1. Eisenbaum, Eisenbaum, Eisenbaum….

    From the looks of Slide #5, you might want to give up public appearances which involve eating and drinking. 🙂

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