Young Woman Beaten/Murdered.

This case hasn’t gotten any news coverage until now.

24 year old Angela Kasvicis was beaten to death, then someone dumped her body in a field.

Some kids out playing made the discovery.

Investigators are having trouble putting together the last few weeks of Angela’s life. Can you help?

Crime Stoppers of Houston. Anonymous. Fast. Lucrative. 713-222-TIPS

See it tonight after the Olympics (2/25)

Anglea Kasvicis

Angela's son, Gage.


9 Responses

  1. I really wish I had gotten to know Angela more. She was a mutual friend as was her sister Maria for many years. I feel grief-stricken and all I remember about Angie was that she was upbeat and happy go-lucky…which may have gotten her into the wrong crowds, but never was she deserving of any abuse. She was always soooooo sweet to everyone she met, as if she was going to be their next best friend, “bubbly”. I’m so sorry she is gone and I wish that I had contacted her after high school to spend more time with her.

    ~Amber Lynn

  2. I knew Angela from school and hung out with her from time to time. I also remember her being so happy all the time and she loved making us laugh. She was a beautiful person,inside as well as out and I hope they find who did this to her. I pray that anyone with any information would have the courage to please speak up.

  3. I knew Angela for many years during high school. She was beautiful and always so much fun to be with. PLEASE someone say something! Her family needs answers.

  4. Angela is my aunt. She was the sweetest, funniest, nicest person ever. She always made everyone happy. I rememeber how i wuld get on her nerves by trying on her clothes all the time. It still hurts that she’s gone. My Angie-la-la didnt deserve this 😥 she really didn’t. she was a bright wonderful person. may she Rest In Peace.

  5. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I miss her very much.

  6. Angela was married to my uncle, but i still consider her my aunt. i miss her alot, and i still cant beleive this happened to her. shes a beautiful girl & has the kindest heart. I still dont know what exactly happened to her. I just wish she was here to see how big gage has gotten, he looks so much like her. i miss you angela, & i love you xoxo.

  7. i sill think about you ever day angela… i miss you soooo much.. having a secret crush on you is not reason enough… you were the sweetest soul i knew, nicest to everyone regardless of who they where, you were understanding beyond any normal person, and you know how to brighten the darkest day, i mourn still on random nights, i dont think ill ever heal, yes, ill get by, but never over… my tears havent run dry yet….breathe easy sweet angel… goodnite.

  8. Are there any updates on her story? I hope the criminal was caught.

    • Sorry no update I know of right now.

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