Centerpoint Energy… Tips to Avoid Phony Service Calls

First and Foremost, if you have questions/concerns about someone presenting himself as a Centerpoint employee… call their customer service number before opening the door.

Centerpoint Energy


Below are tips/info from Centerpoint Energy’s Alicia Dixon…

“We are not experiencing anything unusual as far as reports of people impersonating our employees however, from time to time people do impersonate utility company employees or law enforcement personnel in order to gain access to someone’s home. ”

  • All CenterPoint Energy employees and contractors wear uniforms and carry identification badges. If the badges are not visible, they will show them upon request. 
  • CenterPoint Energy has a process in place when employees leave the company, they turn in all company property including uniforms. However, it is possible that pieces of clothing (t-shirts, caps, etc.) are out in the communities we serve.
  • If a customer has any doubts about whether or not someone is a CenterPoint Energy employee, they should ask to see their identification badge or call the company’s call center to verify that CenterPoint Energy has an employee in the area.
  • All of CenterPoint Energy’s vehicles are marked with the CenterPoint Energy logo. 
  • In the majority of cases, it is NOT necessary for our employees to enter the home as most of our work is done outside on power and natural gas lines. However, it IS necessary for our natural gas employees, when restoring gas service, to enter a home or business to relight pilots and ensure it is safe to resume natural gas service.

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  1. trying to find out information on the guys that dressed up in centerpoint. the older one is named daddy, and the young one is black. i think we know them, if i can see their pictures they may live across from us, but i cant find the information on it can you help me find it. thx.

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